I have split ends! My hair is fried!

I won’t mention any names, but maybe someone used a blow dryer or curling iron on their hair improperly, so it became over-exposed from the heat.  Or maybe it was over-processed with chemicals.  Or you work outside in the sun.  How about just had a long day at the beach?   Or even you just haven’t had a trim in a while.

On healthy hair, this is easily remedied.  I just trim a bit off the ends so it has a normal healthy look again.  Sometimes it needs a deep conditioning or two.  Or better yet, a Brazilian Blowout ™!

Using products from you local drug store or supermarket doesn’t help this matter either.  These shampoos are loaded with animal proteins which are awful for the hair…not to mention for the animal!  YIKES! (And by the way, most of these products are still doing animal testing!)

You’ll want to use a product that doesn’t contain any “sodium laurel sulphate.”  This ingredient may as well be called disaster-in-a-bottle!    This ingredient strips the hair of it’s color and it’s cuticle. It’s basically a degreaser.  It dries out the hair and makes it frizzy and dull.  One can strip wax off floors with shampoo containing sodium laurel sulphate.

You are welcome to come see me for a FREE CONSULTATION so we can discuss what could possibly be causing your split ends or fried hair.

Hairs to you!  Gia xoxo